Work With Me

Work With Me

Do you have a story that you want to share or a family recipe that you want to preserve? 

Everyone publishes, whether it is on your website, blog, email newsletter, or your social media pages. I’d love to work with you whether I look over your writing with my keen eye, or help reorganize or write some of what you want to say. I work with publishers, independent publishers, small businesses, and individuals. I thrive on collaboration and would love to meet you.


Copy-editing - editing texts for grammar, punctuation, and consistency

Proofreading - checking content after copy-editing and design for consistency and any last errors before they slip into print 

Substantive/structural editing - clarifying or reorganizing content


Copywriting - working with you to tell your story or the story of your business to connect with your audience and get them involved

Collaboration and co-authoring - visioning ways to share your stories

Recipe writing - preserving family recipes and stories


Who: If you are a publisher/editor, writer, non-profit organization, small business or anyone in-between, I would love to work with you.

What: I edit and write for print and web.

When: Please contact me for my availability:

Where: I live in Toronto and I am happy to meet you in person or virtually. Please see my LinkedIn profile and Editors’ Association profile.

Why: The Editors’ Association of Canada lists “Five good reasons” to hire an editor.

Here they are:

  1. Editors are versatile.
  2. An editor can save you time.
  3. An editor can save you money.
  4. An editor makes sure your message is clear.
  5. An editor helps you look good.


  1. Send me an email to say hello.
  2. Send me a sample of your written work and I can provide a sample edit.
  3. We will develop a written agreement to set the schedule, guidelines, fees and conditions before we start the full project.

I look forward to meeting you!

Work With Me