Herald Press

I worked as the project manager and editor for the 10th anniversary edition of Herald Press’s bestseller Simply in Season, which is part of their World Community Cookbook Series. This is the second cookbook in the series that I worked on with Herald Press. I helped shape the cookbook for the new edition by reviewing all of the content and updating the information, deciding which recipes should be photographed, and collaborating on the new look for the cookbook with the managing editors, authors, and designer.

Responsibilities: Project Management, Substantive Editing, Visual Editing, Copywriting, Editing, Collaborating 

Attract Your Ideal Weight

Attract your Ideal Weight: 6 Week Program on Behavioural Weight Management Ebook

I collaborated with Zaheen Nanji to write and edit an ebook for a behavioural weight loss program. I prepared the ebook for coding to ensure that it was searchable and user friendly.

Responsibilities: Writing, Research, Editing, Collaborating

"Avery and I worked closely together to develop a home study guide and ebook for my Attract your Ideal Weight program. It was a pleasure to work with her as she understood what I wanted but also gave her own input and ideas to make the project successful. She was sensitive to deadlines and was flexible to adapt to the publishing schedule. Her work was professional and I would hire her again for other projects."
⎯ Zaheen Nanji


I collaborated with Cora and Jon of JRC9 Design Studio to develop the content for their site. They specialize in interactive design and web development for artists and socially and environmentally innovative businesses.

Responsibilities:  Copywriting, Editing, Proofreading, Collaborating

The Editing Company


As the Academic/Non-fiction Editor at The Editing Company I provided copy-editing and stylistic editing services for a variety of texts including academic dissertations, textbooks, and academic trade books. I also edited e-books and proofread magazines.

I copy-edited manuscripts for university presses (texts on globalization, governance, business, and the arts) to make texts consistent, including in-depth editing for references (APA, Chicago) and notes; provided copy-editing and stylistic editing for PhD dissertations (on Buddhism and social justice research) improving language and sentence flow; provided stylistic editing and copy-editing for a book of photography; proofread magazines and educational materials; and copy-edited a memoir.

Responsibilities: Copy-editing, Stylistic Editing, Proofreading, Writing Blog Posts

Artcanvas Tabletops

I wrote and developed content for N Lynn Mathews of Artcanvas Tabletops Inc. for a presentation folder and for her company website.


Responsibilities: Writing, Editing, Researching Content, Collaboarting

"Thank you Avery for successfully developing the written material for my company. Your guidance helped to complete Artcanvas Tabletops’ website content along with a professional business presentation folder which expresses the exact essence of my business to my clientele. I greatly appreciated the quick completion of this project along with your comfortable business approach."
— N Lynn Mathews, Artcanvas Tabletops Inc.

Canadian Mennonite

I wrote an article for the Canadian Mennonite on Miriam Toews' conversation with Magdalene Redekopp called "Tragedy and Comedy in Mennonite Life."

Here is an excerpt:

In much of Toews’ work there is a juxtaposition of tragedy and comedy. While she may not intend to write comedy, moments of humour emerge out of dark events. In Toews’ book Irma Voth, the girls escape from their home because of their abusive father, but it is amusing to go with them on their road trip and laugh with them as they learn to take on adult responsibilities, like taking care of their baby sister.

“I don’t intentionally set out to write comedy,” Toews replies. “It’s actually the way I see the world. It’s dark and tragic. It’s also ridiculously absurd and funny.” Toews lived through some difficult experiences, including the early deaths of her father and sister. She explains that in her life comedy provides relief. She remembers many bouts of laughter and how nobody made her laugh harder or longer than her sister.

Not Far from the Tree

I wrote articles and interviewed community members for blog posts. I also edited letters, reports, and blog posts, attended and participated in events, and updated social media platforms. I was part of a team that researched and planned for an effective social media strategy. Part of my work on this team involved researching comparative websites to develop a more effective web presence and develop a new structure for the organization's website.

“In addition to blog-writing, Avery’s editing skills, combined with her passionate vision, were put to use in helping us restructure our blog and website.”
— Laura Reinsborough, Director at Not far from the Tree
“Avery is an excellent writer, editor and communicator and a great people person. She is thoughtful and creative in her work, and is very self-motivated and reliable.”
— Becky Thomas, Community Engagement Specialist at Not far from the Tree